Pure air, in your hands.

Portable ionizer


B-ION Boost brings a new air to the home.

A portable, battery-powered, low-energy consumption bipolar ionization device (5 million / cm³ at 20 cm) to sanitize and ionize the air within a radius of two meters around you.

Take it wherever you want, it is light and very quiet. Eliminates odors and contamination in the air, releasing ions that attack bacteria, mold and fine dust.

Also B ION Boost has no filter, and therefore does not require maintenance.
Discover it in 2 versions and different colors.

Details and materials


Puricraft's B-ION BOOST portable ionizers are easy to use, very light and very silent:
- They produce up to 5,000,000 ions/cm³
- They have no filters and therefore no maintenance costs
- They consume very little
- They remove smoke and odours, weigh down fine particles, making them fall to the ground and eliminate over 90% of viruses and bacteria.
- They are over 90% effective and tested by the biology department of the Federico II University of Naples.

B-ION BOOST is so silent, that to verify its operation it is necessary to bring the device close to the ear to hear the slight buzz and air flow.

Before each use, and in particular at first start-up, with the electrical connection disconnected, we recommend that you carefully clean the outside of the appliance with a damp cloth to remove all traces of dust, then dry the device with a soft, dry cloth and proceed to use. Do not use strong abrasive cleaners, alkaline cleaning agents containing corrosive agents.

The B-ION BOOST ionizer creates a bubble of sanitized air up to 2 meters around you.
You can take it anywhere: in the office, at school, on the bedside table, in the car, on the train. Both models have incredibly small dimensions. B-ION BOOST is perfect to be placed inside the car drink holder.
The B-ION BOOST recharge has an autonomy of over 24 hours. You will forget that you have to recharge it!
You can always leave it on to continuously have clean and sanitized air around you.
Eliminates odors and contaminants present in the air, releasing ions that attack bacteria, viruses and fine dust. It also consumes very little energy: it consumes less than 0.3W!
B-ION BOOST produces up to 5,000,000 ions per cm³ at a distance of 20 cm. The ions bind to viruses, bacteria and polluting particles suspended in the air, making them heavier and depositing them on surfaces.
The device is completely filter-free.