Greenberry essence for Aircub Automatic and IoT

Greenberry essence for Aircub Automatic and IoT

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Scented capsules for Aircub air purifier and freshener, Greenberry essence.

Package content : 6 ceramic capsules, scented with natural essence (Made in Italy), suitable for use in the AirCub model.

Perfume : thematic fragrance with notes of berries, blueberry, fern, undergrowth. Recommended for the living area and the office.

Use: Insert the capsule in the appropriate compartment, activate the AirCub by passing the tag (located on the back of the label) on the appropriate sensor.

The capsule lasts 1 month. The flashing green light on the AirCub indicates it is depleted. Replace the capsule as previously indicated.

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Le essenze

In collaborazione con il maestro profumiere Lorenzo Dante Ferro, abbiamo creato sei essenze profumate: Babypowder, Cream, Greenberry, Lemonbalm, Linen, Softwood, tutte a base naturale, ognuna pensata per un differente ambiente abitativo o lavorativo. Se non sai decidere quale preferisci è disponibile anche una confezione mix, contenente tutte le sei profumazioni.